Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Creamer Review


I was given the opportunity to review Dunkin’ Donuts coffee creamer as part of crowdtap’s mission.  I was given a coupon for a free creamer and went to my local grocery store and bought “Original” flavored creamer.  I often use competitor brand creamers and was excited to try Dunkin’ Donuts brand.


Dunkin’ Donuts creamer is made from real cream and sugar minus unlike some of the artificial ingredients that some carry.  I love being able to use this creamer instead of adding sugar and creamer separately.

I will definitely purchase this creamer again and am interested in trying the other flavors that they carry.



IntelliDent Shields

thumbnail_FullSizeRenderI have always searched for ways to keep my toothbrush and retainer clean and free from unnecessary germs.  I was optimistic when I was offered the chance to review Intellident products.  Although given free samples to review, all opinions are my own.

I was able to try both the IntelliDent Antimicrobial disposable toothbrush shields as well as the mouth guard shield.  They help keep your toothbrush or dental device germ-free for up to 7 days!  The disposable shields use a non-woven fabric which wicks away moisture.  They are breathable and quick-drying as opposed to the plastic toothbrush covers that you might have tried in the past.

According to IntelliDent, these products were laboratory tested to be a 99.9% effective barrier against surface and airborne bacteria.

I was pleasantly surprised that my toothbrushes and retainer fit perfectly into the IntelliDent shields.  There was no smell or residue from the shields.  The shields take up no space but serve a great purpose.

Another useful benefit is that they can be used while traveling.   This was a problem that I often wasn’t sure how to solve and resorted to using a germ-filled plastic bag for travel purposes in the past.  In the future,  I will remain able to have peace of mind about preventing bacteria-growth and at an affordable price.   IntelliDent products are available at many stores, including Walgreens.

It was fun to try such a useful product line that I never realized how much I needed.


Sweetie Pie Organics Lactation Smoothies

I received a free case of Sweetie Pie Organics Lactation Smoothies.  I was so excited to try them!  My son is 9 months old and has been exclusively breastfed.  In the last month, I had noticed a drop in my milk production.  These came at just the right time as I was starting to fret about having to supplement.  img_4878I had never tried any milk stimulating products before so was somewhat hesitant.  After doing some research, I knew that I was ready to try them.  Sweetie Pie Organics smoothies are USDA Organic certified.  (It is always good to check with your physician or lactation consultant, just in case.)

I love the Apple Pear flavor.  I am a huge smoothie fanatic as well!  I could honestly drink them all in one day; however, it recommends no more than two per day.  These lactation smoothies contain herb, fenugreek, which I had heard multiple times in my lactation groups.  It is an ingredient that has been used for centuries and you should be able to see results within days!

Sweetie Pie Organics products are available at Whole Foods or on their website.

*Disclaimer: I received free products from SweetiePie Organics but these are my honest opinions.


First blog post

I am a boy-mom of one son.   I love to share my thoughts and reviews with others.   I review several products and “sweep” daily.  Any task that can save someone else’s time, effort, or money feels like a success in my book.

I hope that my tips and advice will help someone else in their journey!  I know that I have learned so much from others and continue to every single day.

Stay Tuned!

-The Social Saver